We have witnessed a vast shift in users moving from desktops computers, to laptop computers and now to mobile phones. As a result, we have seen over the past 10 years a rapid increase in mobile phone usage and a comparative decline in desktop computers. If one of these assets is challenging to afford, having two of them makes it all that more difficult. Both assets are really needed in our modern lives and the absence of one, make things that more difficult. The following chart shows that over the most recent 10-year period there is an almost even split between mobile phones and desktop computers.

This shift to mobile phones does not make it any easier for consumers. Service providers and web clients will at times specify that one cannot perform certain tasks on a cell phone, and that a computer is needed. What does one do if all that they own is a mobile phone? The converse is also true. If you only have a computer and much of what is necessary to accomplish in our daily lives requires a cell phone, how do you get through the day and what important matters are not being attended to? (i.e. banking, returning phone calls, setting up appointments, etc.)