This following story is quite inspirational and particularly appealing. The story is about one teacher in a small country with few resources, and how this teacher accomplished a great outcome for his school.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)  teacher Richard Appiah Akoto of (see photo) had at no particular resources with which to teach his subject. Nevertheless, he persisted in teaching his students the Microsoft Word application, using a chalkboard and coloured chalk. The particular reason why ICT is being taught in this school is that this topic is on the national curriculum for all high schools in Ghana. Students need to pass a national final exam to conclude their studies and ICT material is tested on the final. So without any real hardware, their teacher used what resources he had at his disposal.

Mr. Richard Appiah Akoto teaching his ICT class about Microsoft Word

The ITC teacher, Mr. Akoto drew out in perfect detail the Windows Word page, on a blackboard. His lesson would therefore be only simulated and not tactile. Someone took a few photos of his teaching process, which were then posted to Mr. Akoto’s Facebook page!

Things started to take shape as this Facebook page started to circulate in the social media milleau.  Many people saw this post, but one Indian company – NIIT, went further and took action. They donated five computers, a laptop and computer education books to this school. Through this enhanced process the teacher was able to properly support his ICT curriculum instruction.

Staff and Students of the Betenase M/A Junior High School in the town of Sekyedomase, presenting their new PC’s, and books!

One can Imagine the excitement of the students and their teachers in securing these computers! Having seen many instances of new technology meeting new users, one can just imagine how hard it was to send the students home at the end of the day. They would likely have wanted to stay late and work with their new computers!

The challenge for many countries is on how to provide the hardware and software resources for ICT instruction; despite this now being a necessity in our modern world. Mr. Akoto found his solution, now we need to find the bigger solution to all other technology-lacking school systems.

This story is from 2018.

The original story is at this link.