In rural locations the fibre optic lines and wired Broadband systems can be fickle. It is not always possible to send tech service staff to re-establish wireless and broadband services in small rural locations. Tech service people may be quite some distance away and remote management may not always be possible. As a result, wireless services may be limited and unstable.

In other locations, providing services is simply not profitable for service providers and as a result dead zones are found. Rural inventiveness and ingenuity may be possible to supersede these challenges, thereby enabling a better quality of life for all concerned, albeit only for a small community. (or perhaps, one at a time)

The following is a story of how one rural resident set out to improve his broadband service and, in the meanwhile, provide for that family (and many others), internet service that did not exist, nor was likely to exist for some time.  Consider this as an alternative to your dilemma when rural broadband is unavailable – for the multitude of reasons that are often given by major service providers.