Featured Projects

The development of an aerospace testing and certification facility in northern Manitoba

EnviroTREC was initially started to support gas turbine testing and certification for two key aerospace players. Since that time the scale of investment has grown considerably at the principal testing site in Northern Manitoba. All of these developments are accomplished through proposals which capture the interest of sponsors and users of the facility. Further to the GLACIER site being developed, EnviroTREC has supported the Manitoba Aerospace industry through a series of exercises which developed the Technology Road Map (2013) and more currently the upgrade to that activity. Our organization is a key participant in these developments in mobilizing the local aerospace community in concert with other major developments in the region.

The recent development of an Additive Manufacturing facility in Manitoba. This new company is offering a unique technology to the aerospace, medical device and transportation industries. The clients have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with by deploying both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies. Our engagement here was to develop the winning proposal which started it all!

The recent development of an Additive Manufacturing facility in Manitoba

The development of submissions related to a new isotope production technology

Canada found itself in a bind some time ago with the shut down of a medical isotope producing facility. While that facility underwent a rebuild, it was clear that long term sustainment using that process was unlikely. A leading professor of the UW Physics Department offered to change the way in which isotopes are created and offered his solution to the stakeholders. This translated into two key submissions which were approved and are still working their way through the development cycle. Our work was in the presentation of these two submissions. We are still the only business consultancy supporting a University’s Physics Department in Canada. Shouldn’t this a common event? Physics is ground zero for many advances in science and technology!

Red River College truly started at a point and time where their research program was non-existent. Over more than a decade the college has grown in capability and depth to the point where their annual research funding spend is now several $million. These research ideas all need to be addressed and focused and as a result a stream of formal proposals continue to be developed for submissions to potential sponsors.

A recent announcement had three of our approved submissions. And there’s’ more to come!

Submissions related to Applied Research ranging from Combines to Cupcakes!