Volunteer Projects

Hong Kong Canada Business Association
– Winnipeg Section

This project began some 20 years ago as a simple membership. This migrated upwards over time and now Alfonz is the President of the Winnipeg Section. The HKCBA is a renown bilateral trade organization which spans the globe. HKCBA’s mission is to expand commercial relationships between Canada and Hong Kong as well as throughout Asia, using Hong Kong as the platform for advancing this objective. We also promote a strong business and community network within our membership across Canada through our program. Come and join our section at:


Ma MaWi

A. Koncan & Associates Ltd. volunteers at the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre where computers are recycled and turned over to community members. Our support for this organization includes installation of Windows software, as well as a suite of software that hardens these assets while enabling the clients to work transparently with work or school projects. We maintain the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher status for our client and engage them on computer policy matters which affect their clients and their organization.