Who We Are

Alfonz Koncan


Alfonz Koncan has had a long career in academe, the private, and the public sectors. His career has unfolded in Ontario and Manitoba working with SME’s, universities, research institutions, hospitals, colleges and Indigenous communities. During his career, a broad set of technology transfer skills and business management skills have been honed, while building a considerable investment portfolio of projects. Alfonz Koncan’s education is multifaceted and is comprised of science, business and accounting. He is a life-long learner and most recently completed his M.Sc. program.

Stephanie Nixon


Stephanie Nixon is a web developer, designer, marketing expert and our tech guru. She has a Photojournalism degree from Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario and has been working in the tech/marketing industry for over eight years. Stephanie is always excited to solve any tech problem, strategize impressive marketing techniques or create impressively designed web or print products. Stephanie Nixon supports our organization with her marketing skills, vast computer/technology knowledge as well as photographing important events.